DASH Container (Large)


8x Clear Pouches


The DASH Container is a patent pending bag that allows you to customize your equipment.

The container has a Velcro binding that allows for the expansion of the container to adjust to thicker pouches that might be placed inside. 

The Velcro binding also allows for each panel to be pulled apart in order for two people to respond to two different areas. 

Available in black or orange (not pictured).

Contents and pouches not included



  • 2 Fully lined Velcro Panels
  • Separates at the spine allowing each panel to carry equipment to separate locations (1” finger pull tabs at top of container for easier separation)
  • Adaptable & Flexible Packing (Holds any Velcro container)
  • Velcro Spine allows for width to be increased from 3” to 5 ½ “ for increased storage
  • Can easily be hung
  • Sling allows ability to rapidly move while still having the use of your hands
  • 1”, two point fast tech detachable sling
  • Pouch in the spine that houses the sling when it isn’t needed
  • Low Cost – Multi-use system
  • Quality USA Construction – Berry Compliant


  • 400 Denier Material
  • Length 17 ½ “ x Width 9 ½ “ x Depth 3 ¼ “ (Expandable to 5”)
  • Weight 14oz

Patent Pending



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