About Our Kits
Our kits are designed to render the Trauma Kit undetectable to the wearer.
The only trauma kit on the market that is designed to fit under your armor
The Deployment Trauma Kit was made to fit comfortably and securely behind a Hero’s ballistic plates or concealable armor.
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Simple & Reliable
Machine sealed RF Welded Vinyl, Tamper proof, and Ruggedized. Contents are easily inspected. Contents are protected from ALL environmental conditions. Contents are easily accessed all at once – no more searching for items.

Zippered training kits allow the unit repeated use without expending a sealed kit.
25% lighter when worn under the armor plate due to removal of extra pouch.
50% thinner than current kit configurations – same contents. Trauma kits can be worn in the negative space behind body armor plate, in small of back on belt, or in existing issued pouch. Improved ergonomics, & reduced profile – ideal for vehicles.
Wearing instead of Carrying trauma gear decreases stiffness due to ergonomics and profile. Reduced pouch weight aids in reducing the overall load.
Golden Hour
Improved contents for field care are easily added without increased bulk. e.g. blood collection and transfer contents worn behind the back body armor plate.
Size, Bulk, & Weight Specs:
  • Pocket: 4x6x1; 6oz.
  • Lower Back: 6x9x3/4; 9 oz.
  • Under Armor: 9x11x3/4; 12 oz.
  • Vehicle: 9x10x1; 15 oz.

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