About our Kits

Designed to render the Trauma Kit undetectable to the wearer.

  1. Bulk, Weight, Stiffness
  2. Simple, Reliable, & Trainable
  3. Golden Hour

  • Simple & Reliable – Machine sealed RF Welded Vinyl, Tamper proof, and Ruggedized. Contents are easily inspected. Contents are protected from ALL environmental conditions. Contents are easily accessed all at once – no more searching for items.
  • Trainable – Zippered training kits allow the unit repeated use without expending a sealed kit.
  • Bulk - 50% thinner than current kit configurations – same contents. Trauma kits can be worn in the negative space behind body armor plate, in small of back on belt, or in existing issued pouch. Improved ergonomics, & reduced profile – ideal for vehicles.
  • Weight – 25% lighter when worn under the armor plate due to removal of extra pouch.
  • Stiffness – Wearing instead of Carrying trauma gear decreases stiffness due to ergonomics and profile. Reduced pouch weight aids in reducing the overall load.
  • Golden Hour – Improved contents for field care are easily added without increased bulk. e.g. blood collection and transfer contents worn behind the back body armor plate.


  • Size, Bulk, & Weight Specs:
  • Pocket: 4x6x1; 6oz.
  • Lower Back: 6x9x3/4; 9 oz.
  • Under Armor: 9x11x3/4; 12 oz.
  • Vehicle: 9x10x1; 15 oz.

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