For more than 10 years, Phokus has been serving America and its allies by manufacturing innovative, high quality products, developed by our Nations Heroes for our Hero Citizens.

The company principally operates through its three primary segments: Medical Kitting, Wound Simulation, and Third-Party Logistics.



The Beginning

Like hundreds of soldiers before him, Rob Hanna discovered during his career with Naval Special Warfare that training is the father of invention. During an “Over the Beach” evolution off the California coast, Rob devised a better kind of knife to cut away the parachute connected to the Zodiac - inflatable boat while holding on in the choppy ocean current.

His idea sparked an invention, but more importantly, a life-long passion for making life-saving tools better.

But, like many stories, this one started with a problem. Rob didn’t have the business prowess to protect himself. He soon became an outsider looking in at others benefitting from his ingenuity.

It taught him a valuable lesson: the business world is a lot like the battlefield, you can’t go in alone.

The Meeting

As America’s economy tanked in 2008, a group of CEOs banded together for leadership training at an exclusive camp in Coronado, California run by current and former members of our special forces.

The leadership school, modelled as a small replica to real Navy Seal training, brought the group of successful businessmen to the brink of physical and emotional exhaustion as they competed against each other in teams.

The teams were organized by height.

Danny Stein, a high powered serial entrepreneur from New York City who grew multi-million dollars businesses found himself on the “Smurf Team”.

Despite a lack of size, Stein and his Smurf Team fought hard over four days for an overall victory which he credited to his team’s mighty leader: Rob Hanna.

Turns out Hanna, who’d just come up with his latest invention, THE HOPLITE, was also a winner. In Stein he had an instant trustworthy believer who could take his vision to the next level. 

The Company

It didn’t take long for Rob and Danny's immediate friendship to turn into a partnership based on equal respect for one another’s strengths.

Hanna’s knack for innovation got the attention of his military brothers and sisters bringing even more new ideas like the UNDER ARMOR TRAUMA KIT straight from the battlefield to the manufacturing line.

With Stein’s track record for launching successful businesses, Phokus Research Group was in position to become a world class creator, manufacturer and distributor of important products for our men and women in uniform. 

Today Phokus serves America and its allies by delivering high quality products, engineered in the trenches, by our heroes for our heroes.

We think it’s a winning combination.