Behind the armor Trauma Kit
The behind-the-armor trauma kit

In a trauma situation, what supplies will you need? Will your exposed gear be damaged? Will both of your arms work? Keeping the most essential equipment tucked away where it’s safe and accessible is how you save lives. Because of its patented design, the Deployment Trauma Kit is concealed, secure, and protected. You can easily retrieve it with either hand, and the contents are accessible in seconds. In an unpredictable setting, there is no better kit.


There are some things that a trauma kit just has to be. It has to be stocked full of life-saving medical supplies, it has to be accessible, and it has to be there when you need it. The Deployment Trauma Kit fits right behind your ballistic plate and pulls free in seconds. We know you have what it takes to save lives inside yourself. Now you’ll have what it takes to save lives inside your armor.

‣ Machine-sealed, tamper-proof RF welded vinyl protects from all environmental conditions. 

‣ Zippered training allows repeated use without expending sealed kits.

‣ 25% lighter with extra pouch removed to wear under the plate

‣ Same contents, 75% thinner

‣ Reduce the load and improve ergonomics by wearing your kit instead of carrying it.

‣ Upgraded contents improve field care during the golden hour.


Other than contents, portability is the most important feature of a trauma kit. We’ve reduced the bulk of a standard kit by 75%, brought the weight down to a mere 11.7 ounces, and perfected the design to fit within the negative space of your ballistic plate compartment. It’s undetectable, even to the wearer. The flexible vinyl packaging conforms to your torso along a center joint for optimal comfort.


Stop the bleed. Prevent an infection. Decompress a tension pneumothorax. You never know exactly what you’re going to encounter in the field. Being prepared for anything can save your life and the lives of your team.

100% Guaranteed

If you don’t want to keep the Deployment Trauma Kit for any reason at all, you can return it to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. To start the process, go to our Contact Us page. You’ll be asked for the order number, your contact details, and a reason for the return. This is for our quality improvement and won’t prevent you from getting your refund. The customer care team will process your request and contact you with a return number and instructions for returning the kit. Once we receive the kit, your refund will be issued. Please note that we cannot accept returns for customized kits.

Patented Design

We started by examining the negative space behind your ballistic plate, and then we designed a fully stocked trauma kit to fit there. Why the ballistic plate? Because it protects the kit’s contents from damage and because you can reach it in seconds with both hands. It’s nine inches wide, 11 inches tall, just ¾ of an inch thick, and weighs only 11.7 ounces. We designed the Deployment Trauma Kit with a vertical fold, allowing it to be worn comfortably against the body, inside the ballistic plate compartment. With a simple Velcro modification, the kit can be released in seconds without dropping the plate. Once released, you can quickly access anything inside the pouch by opening the wide zipper that runs along the vertical edge. 

Improve your Golden Hour response.

The Golden Hour is the first 60 minutes after a traumatic injury. We’ve been taught for more than 30 years that definitive intervention within this window is crucial, but it requires the immediate availability of an impressive selection of supplies. The Deployment Trauma Kit has what you need to provide the appropriate care in a variety of common situations within the Golden Hour.