Q: Do I have to take the casualties armor off to access/deploy the Under-Armor Trauma Kit?
A: No. In 90% of plate carriers, trauma kit deployment is achieved with no difficulty.

Q: Is my plate going to fall out while accessing/deploying the Under-Armor Trauma Kit?
A: No. Not if you take 30 seconds and two pieces of Velcro to secure plate into carrier. This will ensure that your plate is riding as high as possible and covering the most vital parts of your upper chest

Q: Can you get the enough medical gear into the Under-Armor Trauma Kit?
A: Yes. Heroes love the low profile; medics love the gear list.  Here is an example of what can be comfortably carried behind the ballistic plate.

  • Combat Gauze
  • Z-Fold Gauze x2
  • Pressure Dressing
  • Occlusive Dressing x2
  • Decompression Needle
  • NPA W/ 550
  • 3" Elastic Bandage
  • Casualty Card
  • 2" Safety Pins x2
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Sharpie

Q: Is the Under-Armor Trauma Kit uncomfortable to wear?
A: No. You will feel it at first and your carrier might need some adjustment. Very soon the fit will be undetectable.

Q: I have a med pouch that has sewn elastic loops keeping everything organized?
A: Those med pouches make the leadership happy, look great and make a lot of sense in the environmentally controlled lobby of some hotel at Shot Show.

Q:  Why are the “pull handle” and “ripcord” not longer or marked it anyway?
A: This was an engineering choice we made. If you look closely you will see that the “pull handle” and “ripcord” are not just tabs. They are RF welded loops of heavy-duty vinyl.  We wanted our kits to be customizable to unit SOP and individual choice.  Because they are loops you can simple add a loop of Para cord or Riggers Tape to make them longer.