Gen 2 (SSAVIE) Under Armor IFAK - BASE



Individual First Aid System provided through the SOF Sustainment, Asset Visibility and Information Exchange (SSAVIE) program. 

Units able to access this system can order at no cost.


SSAVIE Part Number:   



Behind the Plate SOF Combat Op Trauma Base 


Our patented Under Armor Configuration is designed to render the Trauma Kit undetectable to the wearer.

Made to fit comfortably and securely behind a Hero’s ballistic plates or concealable armor.


  • INSIDE the Bladder
  • 2x Combat Gauze
  • XSTAT-12
  • 2x Occlusive Dressing
  • 2x Decompression Needle (10g)
  • NPA
  • 2x Eye Shield
  • Casualty Card
  • Sharpie
  • Combat Pill Pack
  • Surgical Lube
  • INCLUDED in the Bundle
  • 2x SOFTT-W
  • OLAES Modular Bandage


The contents follow all Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines


  • Simple, Reliable, & Trainable
  • Reduced Bulk, Weight, and Stiffness
  • Improved capability during the Golden Hour
  • More About our Kits


Size: 9 x 11 x .75

Wt: 11.7 oz

Patent #'s 8.925.115 & 9.439.819




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