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Custom War Fighter System CWFB-6-1

Sale price$ 380.00

Model No. CWFB-6-1

MSRP $380


The Custom War Fighter System 6-1 is a specialty IFAS (Individualized First Aid System) comprised of a custom Low Vis Trauma Kit, a Low Vis Pouch (Coyote), two (2) C-A-T Tourniquets, two (2) Tourniquet Holders and Shears.

Contents are Berry and TAA compliant.


Custom War Fighter Bundle 6-1

  • 1x CLVD-103 Low Vis Kit
  • 1x Low Vis Pouch (Coyote)
  • 2x C-A-T TQs
  • 2x TQ Holders
  • 1x Shears