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Direct Action Aid Bag CTKP-163

Sale price$ 2,135.00

Model No. CTKP-163

MSRP $2,135

The Direct Action Aid Bag CTKP-163 is a specialty first aid system.

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Contents are Berry and TAA compliant.

 Contents Include:

  • 1x Sewn Bag
  • 4x QuikClot Combat Gauze 
  • 4x SOFTT-W Tourniquet
  • 2x NPA
  • 1x Cric
  • 2x Occlusive Dressing Twin Pack
  • 2x 14G Needle
  • 3x Emergency Bandage
  • 2x Battle Wrap
  • 2x Z Fold Gauze
  • 1x 6" Dressing
  • 2x 6" Elastic Bandage
  • 1x Saline Lock Kit
  • 1x TALON 7 Site Start Set
  • 2x Eye Shield
  • 1x Hawk Warming Grid
  • 1x Blizzard Light
  • 2x XL Cravat
  • 2x SAM Splint, Folded, Gray
  • 16x Nitrile Gloves 
  • 1x Shears
  • 1x Shear Leash
  • 4x TCCC Card
  • 2x Sharpie
  • 1x 3" Medical Tape
  • 1x Sharps Shuttle