Behind the armor Trauma Kit

The Deployment Trauma Kit 2

Behind the Body Armor Trauma Kit
Wound Simulator

Wound Cube™ Wound Simulators

Clear compact table-top hemorrhage control training devices with specialized wound patterns that promote tactile muscle memory learning to stop the bleed after injury.

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Life Saving Innovation

For more than 10 years, Phokus has been serving America and its allies by manufacturing innovative, high quality products, developed by our Nations Heroes for our Hero Citizens. The company principally operates through its three primary segments: Medical Kitting, Wound Simulation, and Third-Party Logistics.

Air Force
Special Ops Command
Identify. Develop. Deliver.
Equipment Logistic Services

Phokus (3PL) specializes in logistic services and supply chain solutions while increasing the efficiency of purchasing and distribution of goods. Offers experienced in-house leadership and production teams for inventory purposes and fulfillment requirements.  Secure facilities provide testing and inspection capabilities with a customizable space for each project. Providing clients a reliable way to outsource their elements.