Deployment Trauma Kit 2 - Phokus Research Group
Deployment Trauma Kit 2 - Phokus Research Group

Phokus Research Group

Deployment Trauma Kit 2

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The Deployment Trauma Kit was designed to fit comfortably and securely behind ballistic plates or concealable armor. Undetectable to the wearer. The kit is made of durable RF Welded Vinyl and is completely waterproof.

The Under Armor Trauma Kit is a compact and portable medical kit designed to provide emergency care on the battlefield. Contents include essential medical supplies to satisfy all Massive Hemorrhage, Airway, Respiration, Circulation, and Hypothermia Prevention (MARCH) requirements, such as hemostatic gauze, standard gauze, bandages, and other various trauma items. Additionally, our kits can be bundled with tourniquets, larger bandages, cutting devices, and pouches.

Trauma Kits are intended to help provide immediate care in the event of a traumatic injury, such as a gunshot wound or severe laceration. It is usually used by first responders, military personnel, and other individuals who may find themselves in a situation where immediate lifesaving medical attention is necessary.


NSN: 6545-01-707-4139 

 DTK2 Data Sheet Link

Patents: 8925115, 9980525, 9439819, 10820636, and 11564424 

Sealed, Plate Shaped, and 3/4 in thick


  • Combat Gauze
  • Z-Fold Gauze x2
  • Occlusive Dressing x2
  • Decompression
  • NPA W/ 550
  • 3" Elastic Bandage
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Casualty Card
  • 2" Safety Pins x2
  • Sharpie
  • Frog Tape
  • Eye Shield


  • Simple, Reliable, & Trainable IFAK
  • Reduced Bulk, Weight, and Stiffness
  • Improved capability during the Golden Hour
  • Can be customized to fit your needs - minimum order required
  • Government/Law Enforcement Discounts Available See details
  • More About our Kits


Size: 9 x 11 x .75

Wt: 11.7 oz

NSN: 6545-01-707-4139 

Patents: 9980525, 9439819, and 8925115

Sealed, Plate Shaped, and 3/4 in thick


  • NSN: 6545-01-707-4139 
  • GSA: Contract # GS-07F-5965P  /  Part # DTK-2
  • DAPA: Part # DTK-2
  • ECAT: Part # DTK-2
  • FedMall: Part # DTK-2