Military Trauma Kits

Military Trauma Kits

Reliable and Compact Military Tactical Trauma Kits and IFAKs. Designed specifically for the military. Fully customizable and trainable. Simple, Reliable, & Trainable.

Reduced Bulk, Weight, and Stiffness. Made in the USA.

Eliminates bulky medical pouches that take up space on your kit. Sized to fit behind ballistic plates, the Son's kits are packed for quick deployment and designed around injury patterns in order of priority for trauma treatment. Kits are approximately ½"- ¾" thick at their widest point.


Made in the USA | Patent No. 8,925,115

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Custom DTK2 Variant: SFAB - Phokus Research Group
Custom DTK2 Variant: SFAB
Sale price$ 255.00
Air Crew Trauma Bundle - 2
Sale price$ 419.00
Custom Vehicle Medical Kit
Sale price$ 256.00
Nautilus - Low Vis Trauma Kit
Sale priceFrom $ 232.00
Aircrew Trauma Kit ACTK-1
Sale price$ 237.00
Deployment Split Kit Bundle
Sale price$ 379.00